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  • Salons

    This spring we have been launching our wine at various salons in France. A salon is a concept like an exhibition where the public can come and discover/buy wine direct from the winemaker. In February we went to Le Havre and participated in the salon Aux Vignobles. This salon hosts fine wines and food from…

  • Why Organic?

    Our challenges in 2023. This year, the weather has played havoc with our vineyard. Lots of lovely rain (good for growing) and lots of sunshine has led to an unusually humid atmosphere which has not been good for our grapes. Mildew The first signs of mildew developing on the leaves of our vines was back…

  • Féte Le Vin

    This week starting on Thursday the 22nd June, starts the annual event in the Bordeaux Wine calendar of “Féte Le Vin”. This is a great opportunity to visit Bordeaux and see and taste the wines of the Bordeaux region that are being offered. Our region, the appellation Côtes de Bourg and many others will be…

  • Château Monichot’s First Post

    Château Monichot’s First Post

    Welcome to our blog, here we aim to upload images and posts to update you, so you can follow our journey of producing tasty wine.